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The old range will be closed on November 8th from 7 AM to 5 PM

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The BRPC Lost & Found

There are times when members misplace or lose various items.  We have set up a system to make it easier for the owners of these items to report lost items and the club to be able to identify the owner of any lost item(s)

All lost items should be reported to Chief Range Officer Joe Norman giving a description of the item and he will do his best to locate it.  Founds items should also be given to Joe.

Items that are found and not reported lost will be kept by the CRO for six months and then be disposed of.

Up-To-The-Minute News 

A Message From
MASS Bow Hunters

A legislative Alert on the Bill for "Sunday Bowhunting" is being voted on next week before the Senate closes 7/31. We have placed a post on our website which contains contacts, information and sample letters for your members to use. Please pass this on to your members. Thank you in advance for getting the word out.

 All the best,

Dennis “Boomer” Hayden

Group Interested in activating Archery 

If you are an archery enthusiastic and would like to help create a new committee to upgrade our archery facility, we could use your help and advice.

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To Find Out If There is a Range Officer on Duty Today Call 781-356-6323 

GOAL Launches Website

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A Shooting Sports USA Edition Released.  Press here

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If you are a new member don't forget to sign up for the
 club newletter here. Badge number will be required 

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