Construction on the outdoor rifle range and middle pistol range will begin Friday, December 1.
Those ranges will be closed beginning in the morning, but will re-open in the late afternoon.

The far right pistol and plinking range will remain open. Additional work will be done the beginning of next week with similar closures. Work is expected to be completed by mid-week. We apologize for the short notice, but the materials and the contractor became available and we would like to complete the work before the winter months.

The work includes adding sand and hay to extend berms, re-covering posts and extending eyebrows.



Planning an expansion of the old indoor range continues. We have received a land survey and a schematic of what the new construction might look like. Persons with experience with planning and construction are needed to assist as we move forward in finding contractors, obtaining bids etc…Persons interested in assisting should e mail the club and outline their experience/knowledge.

In the interim, cleaning of the old range backstop is necessary and is planned. We are waiting for a schedule and expect the range to be closed for one week when cleaning begins.


Additional work is planned for the outdoor ranges to add material to the berms, repair and add baffles, grading etc… Sporadic range closures will be required but will be kept to a minimum. and staggered so that the outdoor ranges not being worked on can remain open.

The camera system to let members know if the outdoor ranges are open or closed by checking our web site should be operational shortly. The delay has been electrical work needed on our outdoor poles. The system is in place and once the electrical work is completed the system will be operational.

Range Updates

The new backstops on both indoor ranges have been installed and are working as designed. The overhead baffles on the new range have been refurbished and the range looks great. Additional lighting has been installed and the walls have been painted.

new range IMG 4766new range IMG 4765

Rules of the indoor ranges remain the same. Targets must be placed at or beyond the yellow, minimum distance line. Handguns in handgun calibers and 22 rimfire rifles ONLY are to be used. The use of any other firearm or ammunition will result in immediate dismissal from the club.

Targets in the new range must be hung from the paper/cardboard/plastic holder. NO target is to be attached directly to the metal carrier.