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The trap range is club run on Sunday afternoon from noon to 2 PM.
The manual trap thrower is also available to members from 10 AM to dusk Monday through Saturday and from noon  to dusk Sundays provided the trap range is not being run by the trap committee. See below.

trap Montage Rounded

Club Purchases Trap Machines

The club purchased two new machines for the trap field. After the old machine stopped functioning it was determined that it was not worthwhile to attempt to repair the old trap machine. In its place, a state of the art, Pat-Trap wobble machine has been purchased and installed. This hydraulic machine throws both regulation and wobble singles and doubles. The machine has brought new enthusiasm to the trap field on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday evenings. Come up and give the machine a try. Members still pay only $3.00 per line of 25 birds.  Non members pay $4.00 per line.

claypigeonSince the arrival of our new neighbors next door, the use of personal hand traps and manual throwers has been prohibited. A solution has been found so that shotgunning can continue on the trap field during normal club operating hours (8:00 a.m until sunset) excluding the weekly operation of the field on Sundays and Tuesday evenings. The club has purchased a top of the line Lincoln manual trap machine. This machine has been over-engineered for continuous outdoor usage. Many top sporting clay courses make use of these traps for their operation due to their reliability. The machine has been permanently mounted in a location between the two trap fields. To ensure that all shot falls within our property lines, the machine has been welded so that all birds will fly in a right hand arc. In the unlikely event that a bird flies any where to the left of the machine, it is NOT to be shot. Club rules for the trap field state: “when utilizing mechanical or hand thrower, the operator of same must remain behind the shooter and all targets are to be thrown into the target area”. Shooters must stand in front of the 16 yard forward positions on Trap Field #1 and in front of the safety stakes to the left of the machine. This will afford the shooter a variety of positions and angles.  Members must provide their own clay targets.

The Lincoln machine is a ¾ cock machine. This means that after a bird is thrown, the arm swings ¾ around the machine. The operator needs to pull the arm only ¼ in order to engage the machine. A pull handle in located at the back of the machine to throw the target. Keep hands and other body parts away from the machine when operating. A safety ring has been installed around the machine. Do not place anything within this ring when operating. Do not stand in front of the are of throw when operating or shooting. When finished, do not leave the machine in an engaged, ready to throw position. Release arm and rotate to front of machine. Replace the cover.

To ensure the continued safe use of the trap fields, the use of number 6 shot shells and magnum loads are no longer allowed. Only target and standard field loads, number 7 ½, 8 and 9 are allowed.

The club will be reinstalling a position for the patterning of shotguns on the training field. Target holders will be provided for use. No patterning of shotguns is allowed on any other range including the trap field. All size shot shells are allowed. Shotgun slugs are allowed only on the outdoor rifle range in accordance with normal club rules. Target holders must be removed after patterning.

These new machines would not have been possible without the cooperation of the executive board and the work of a number of people including Joe Norman, Vinny Nigl, Gary Woodworth and Ross Estabrooks. Trap committee members who installed, dug holes, poured cement include Paul McSweeney, Jim Murphy and Bob Solarchick.

The new trap machines are for the enjoyment of all club members. The new wobble machine brings added fun. The new manual machine allows private practice and will help train novices to shotgunning without the fear of intimidation from a trap line. Enjoy and be safe!