1. Firearms 
    1. Shotguns only.
    2. No rifles, pistols or pellet guns are allowed.
  2. Ammunition
    1. Only, number 7 1/2, 8, and 9 Shotshell is allowed.
    2. No shotgun slugs allowed.
    3. No pistol or rifle ammunition allowed.
  3. Targets
  4. 1. Clay targets only are allowed.
  5. 2. No other targets are allowed except when patterning a shotgun. 
  6. General Rules
    1. The hours of operation are determined by the Executive Board.
    2. Shooting is not allowed on the trap range before noon time.
    3. The trap range is operated under the direct supervision of the trap committee on Sunday afternoons, year round, and Tuesday evenings during the summer.
    4. A mechanical throwers is available for member use.
    5. When on the firing line shotguns will be loaded singularly only. The loading of more than one round at a time is prohibited unless the course of fire dictates otherwise.
    6. Actions must remain open until it is your turn to fire.
    7. When changing positions, shotgun must be unloaded, actions opened and pointed in a safe direction.
    8. Patterning of shotguns is allowed on the trap field. All patterning must be conducted under the direct supervision of the trap committee.
    9. Empty hulls can be picked up only after the course of fire is completed.